Exotic swear words…

A (whispered): “… and he said the e word.”
Me: “what word?”
A: “the e word, you know the e swear word.”
Me (thinking): “no actually I don’t.” (Aloud): “Umm – which word is that?”
A: “you know, e e d e t…”
Me: blank. “Can you whisper it to me?”
A: (looks apprehensive)
Me: “I promise you won’t get in to trouble.”
A (whispers right in my ear): “he called me an idiot.”
Me: “ohhhhhhhhh.”

But who’s responsible…?

Reading a picture story book (about a child and a monster under the bed)
No parents make any kind of appearance, which concerned A…

Class discussion following A’s raising of the issue concluded that possibly…

-the boy didn’t have any parents
-the mum and dad were asleep the whole time
-the mum was at work and dad was on the toilet (my personal fav)
-the mum was at work and dad decided to go to the movies
-there was actually a babysitter